Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

In this book we follow a crew of the most deadliest and cunning outcasts of Ketterdam working together to fulfill a mission that would make them richer than they’d ever dared to dream of. Kaz Brekker, also known as Dirtyhands is given the chance to pull off the toughest heist ever: he has to break into the highly secured Ice Court and get a prisoner out of its jail …


In this book, we follow Ivy, a seventeen-year-old girl who is studying at a fashion school. Ivy has two best friends; Marsha and Kim. She always spends a lot of time with her friends, until her boyfriend Sander became more and more important in her life. Sander calls Ivy ‘s friends childish and thinks that Ivy should distance herself from her friends. But Marsha and Kim are concerned about Ivy. They don’t trust Sander and they wonder what Ivy actually knows about Sander.

Donkergroen bijna zwart

Ever since Moritz and his family had moved to the village up in the mountains of Austria, he and Raffael had been best friends. More than best friends. Bloodbrothers. Their friendship was unusual, everyone noticed that. How could a person like Moritz, gentle and introverted, ever become friends with someone like Raffael, a mean and almost twisted boy?

Escape room

The four friends Mint, Sky, Alissa and Milas decide to all participate in an escape room. They are welcomed by Cleo in the escape room. The friends are given 60 minutes to solve the problems and to try to escape from the escape room. At first, the escape room looks like a nice and fun game, but later it appears that someone has locked them up and that they want to make them pay for earlier times.

Brave the page

Brave the page is a non-fictional book about writing, presented by Nanowrimo. This book truly has it all: endless tips, encouraging words from well-known writers and an amazing writing scedule ready to be used. The tips provided by the book cover all that has to do with writing. For example, you can find instructions on how to deal with plot holes,

Call Me by Your Name

Oliver is an American student who decides to work in the summer of 1983 with a professor in Italy. In the house where he is staying at, he meets Elio, the professor’s 17-year-old son. Oliver and Elio spend the entire summer getting to know each other very well. They cycle through the beautiful city of Crema, talk about life and are often to be found at the pool reading a book. Their friendship flourishes into a beautiful summer love.

Daisy Jones & The Six

This book describes the story of the rise and downfall of The Six, a band that got popular near the end of the sixties. But besides that, this is also the story of Daisy Jones, the daughter of two pretty well-known people that didn’t really seem to notice she was around. With all the money and all the free time she had while growing up, she often ended up on the Strip, where she’d drink and party with the bands playing there. While the Dunne brothers Billy and Graham started to get a band together, Daisy was probably passed out in someone’s bed …