Just dreaming

‘A great ending.’


In the third book Liv and Henry are still together, but some differences in their interest cause some problems in their relationship. Liv, Henry and Grayson are busy with discovering whatever Arthur and Anabel are planning. The friends are also trying to unmask Secrecy, which turns out to be easier than expected. What does Secrecy have to hide?



As a fan of the previous books, I had great expectations from this one. Unfortunately, this was my least favourite part. I thought the ending would be so much bigger. In this book, I had a strong feeling who Secrecy was, and it turned out to be true. That is probably why the end was less shocking than expected.

Kerstin Gier her writing style is still the same as in the previous books; all the books are written very smoothly, which makes it easier to read. Like the other parts. I also finished this book in like 2 days.

In this part, everything falls into place. Liv and Henry look at their future together and you will find out who Secrecy is. You will also find out what Livs friends are doing after college and what their future dreams and plans are.

The best part of this book has to be the dream world. You get sucked into the storyline and want to find out if the demon is real.


A good book wich you will read very quickly. I expected a little more from this book, but everything falls into place and this makes the story way better.

Product information
Written by: Kerstin Gier
Pages: 304
Publisher: Henry Holt
ISBN: 9781250137814
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