Darkborn Messiah

“A book with dark twists & turns, but beautifully written.”


This story follows William Rudned – a wealthy yet depressed businessman – and follows a demon named Milena. She wants William to become a Messiah of a future world and takes him on a journey through different lives which opens his eyes to fulfil his destiny and to change the future.



I have never read anything quite like this book. It is not a genre I would normally pick up but I really enjoyed the writing pace of the author and was intrigued by the plot. 
The author, Tyler Nomax, managed to suck me into the storyline, which is full of dark twists and turns while managing to keep me entertained. It made me want to keep reading, even though I sometimes wondered if I even enjoyed the storyline. 

Even though there was a lot going on and there were a lot of questions asked, the author did a great job explaining every single question which resulted in me never being confused. 


It was a book that I didn’t think I was gonna like as much, but I really enjoyed it.

As mentioned before, there are a lot of dark themes in the book, so I’ll add TW’s: suicidal thoughts, depression, violence & death. I’d also like to add that these themes are mentioned, but the author doesn’t go in depth about these topics, only mentions them.

Product information
Written by: Tyler Nomax
Publisher: Tyler Nomax
Pages: 208
ISBN: 9798837685828
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