The Kingdom

The Kingdom is a fantasy amusement park where guests are immersed in a world full of virtual animals and castles. Ana is one of the seven Fantasists, beautiful android princesses made to entertain the guests of the amusement park. Fantasists are unable to feel emotions until Ana meets Owen, an employee in the park. When Ana’s sister Nia is turned off, Ana tries to find out why this happened. When her other sister Eve was also turned off, Ana knows that something is wrong

The Handmaid’s Tale

In this book, in a place called Gilead, everything you know is history. The country knows a strict regime, controlling every aspect of society. Households of a certain authority are lead by the Commander and his wife. Every household also has their own ‘handmaid’. This woman serves as some kind of surrogate for the Commander’s wife, because they were declared infertile. Handmaids live controlled and dehumanised lives, continuously being left in the unknown when it comes to news

Just dreaming

In the third book Liv and Henry are still together, but some differences in their interest cause some problems in their relationship. The friends are trying to unmask Secrecy, which turns out to be easier than expected. What does Secrecy have to hide?

To Best the Boys

In a little town called Pinsbury Port, all gentlepersons of age receive a letter inviting them to compete in the so-called Labyrinth. The winner receives a full scolarship to the all-male Stemwick University. The poorer men mostly participate for a better future, the rich ‘Uppers’ participate for honor and maybe even prestige. But Rhen, a girl, isn’t looking for any of those things …


The book begins with Sarah, the main character. You follow her in this story with her friends Fee, Jamie and Alyssa. The girls often meet on Friday evenings to have a girls night with a sleepover. But this Friday evening is very strange: there is a strange man outside their door, a window in the house is broken and all the doors were ajar. A moment later one of the girls is killed.

The Winter of the Witch

In this third and final book to the Winternight-trilogy, we continue to follow Vasja. She’s now facing the anger of whole Moscow after being blamed for causing the fires that almost ended the existence of the city. After escaping through a dangerous land called Midnight, Vasja learns that the Bear has been woken up by no other than his own brother: Morozko …

Dream on

In the second book, Liv becomes confused with all the events around her. A dark figure makes noise at night in the endless corridors of her dreams, Liv is chased almost every night and her nightmares do not really help her with a good night’s sleep. Fortunately, things are going way better at school than in her dreams; she has very nice and kind friends and Henry is literally the boy of her dreams. Or does he have something to hide?

Ola en de dingen

Ola is a young girl. Different from everybody else. Different from the rest of her family, even. After executing the deathwish of her sick mother and the accidental strangulation of her little brother, Ola loses her mind and decides to flee …