You won’t recognise the America that is introduced in this story. Christian values are taken out of context and embedded in the law, completely oppressing and silencing all women. Women can no longer hold jobs, girls are no longer taught to read or write. Females no longer have a voice …

Defy me

Defy Me is the fifth part of the Touching-Juliette series. The story starts with the last scene of the previous book Restore Me, but you read it from Kenji’s perspective. iette has been kidnapped and is very far from Sector 45. Juliette must try to sort out her memories. She is torn with grief and the darkness that is still lurking in her threatens to take over.

The Flatshare

When Tiffy leaves her ex once again, she promises herself it’s for good this time. In need of a place to stay that is not her friend’s place, she reaches out to an ad which has been written by Leon. Leon really needs the money and has convinced his girlfriend Kay that nothing will ever happen. With Leon working nightshifts and Tiffy working her 9-5 job as a publisher, the two of them would never even meet.

Serpent & Dove

Meet Louise Le Blanc, a rebellious witch with a mysterious past. She maintains herself through stealing and swindling, making herself notorious among the Chausseurs, who have not found out about the witch-part, luckily. They’d definitely come after her. So when one Chausseur, Reid Diggory, does decide that Lou looks rather suspicious, there’s only one chance, one way, to avoid being burned alive. Marriage.

Restore me

Restore me is the fourth part in the Touching Juliette series and begins almost immediately after the previous part, Ignite me. Juliette took over Sector 45 and became supreme commander with Warner at her side. She is not certain whether the world will accept her for who she is. Juliette is being watched by several world leaders, which sometimes puts her and her friends at risk.

The Betrothed

Meet Hollis Brite, a girl that grew up in Keresken Castle like all the other daughters of the noblemen in Coroa, forever trying to catch the attention of King Jameson. His Highness was never really looking for a queen, until Hollis came around. He confesses his love for her through gifts and silly remarks, hinting at a possible engagement …

Odd one out

Jupiter and Courtney are best friends. They are always together and tell each other almost everything. Courtney has been in love with Jupiter for years, which is inaccessible because she likes girls. When a girl named Rae steps into their two best friends life, Courtney is attracted to her. Jupiter is also into Rae. Meanwhile, Rae doesn’t know if she likes Courtney or Rae. When Jupiter threatens to lose her best friend to the girl she likes, she takes a very drastic decision that will change everything…