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‘You’ll finish this one in no-time!’


Meet Daisy, a woman who seems to have it all: a nice job, two loving parents, a home for herself and an amazing husband called Arthur. One day, Daisy decides to visit Arthur in the restaurant they both work at, where she will become the witness of something Daisy can only describe as adultery. But then, there’s the sound of a gunshot, and Arthur is shot dead. The question is: was his death really an accident? Daisy finds herself slowly drowning in her own misery as the questions surrounding her husband’s death are piling up. And then she starts to lose everything else around her too.


This book has been gifted to me by the author Susanna Florie. This, however, didn’t affect my opinion in any way. But it was very generous of her, so I’m just going to thank her one last time before I begin.

I’d like to start off this review by saying that ‘Daisy’ is a good book. I didn’t absolutely love it and I didn’t feel the urge to stop reading either. It was just a decent book. The story itself consists of two parts, simply called part 1 and part 2. I personally thought part 2 was better and more interesting than part 1 because the latter felt more like a long introduction. Part 2 was way more enjoyable with its sudden rise in suspense.

The best part, for me, was the end. I do want to say that it did feel a bit rushed in the end because after I finished reading, I found myself pondering still about a few questions. Nevertheless, it was a great, easy and quick read that really eased my mind during this sometimes stressful time.


‘Daisy’ is a thriller you won’t put down easily! Because of the short chapters and easy writing, you’ll finish this one in no-time. I’d recommend this book to everyone who’s interested in strange but intriguing families and untold secrets.

Product information:
Written by: Susanna Florie
Pages: 244
Publisher: Leessst
ISBN: 9789491863189
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