Red, White & Royal blue

“A lovely rom-com with an amazing writing style from Casey McQuiston.”


This rom-com is about Alex, the son of the US President, and Henry, the handsome British prince. When Alex’s mother was re-elected as president, Alex is immediately considered as royalty; he’s handsome and intelligent too. When he goes to the UK to attend a wedding, he accidentally ends up on top of a big cake with Prince Henry. The media loves this scandal and starts spreading gossip. To try and restore the damage, Alex and Henry must pretend they’ve been friends for years. Both guys are not very happy with this plan and are determined to not even pay attention to each other. Alex is not impressed with Henry, but then he gets to know a whole different side of him…


I saw this book appear everywhere and decided to finally read it. I had very high expectations because everyone thought this was a great book. I can tell you that these high expectations have come true.

I really like from enemies to lovers relationships, so this book really was up my alley. This happens only in the beginning of the book, so if you don’t like these type of relationships, I would still recommended this book. As you read on, the characters develop and the story becomes more and more complex.

Casey McQuiston’s writing style is amazing. The book is full of various jokes, including the text messages between Alex and Henry. Heavier themes are discussed in this book, for example having a different sexuality and how the audience responds to this.

It took me a week to read this book. I thought this was a very nice book, but a bit long-winded. I felt the middle part of the book could have been a bit shorter.

This book is the best book I have read in 2020 so far. The various themes that McQuiston has incorporated into the story is what makes this book a unique book. You don’t read these kinds of stories every day.


Casey McQuiston has managed to create a delightful and cute romcom with good depth in the heavy themes and characters. I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoy reading novels!

Product information
Written by: Casey McQuiston
Pages: 400
Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin
ISBN: 9781250316776
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