She Drives Me Crazy

“A gripping queer romance about secrets, lies & healing.”


Basketball player Scottie Zajac begins her senior year of high school heartbroken. Her ex-girlfriend, Tally Gibson, ended their relationship right before transferring to a different high school. Scottie gets into a fender bending with possibly the worst person ever: popular and mean cheerleader Irene Abraham. Things only get worse when their moms get involved and make the two girls carpool together. In an effort to get Tally’s attention and to possibly win her back, Scottie bribes c Irene into fake dating. At first: the plan works better than expected: Tally finds out about Scottie and Irene dating and texts Scottie out of jealousy, and the cheerleading team starts showing up at the girls’ basketball games, gaining them more popularity. But then Scottie and Irene start developing actual feelings for each other…


I absolutely loved this book! It covered topics I didn’t know I loved before reading about them – apparently, I’m a huge sucker for the enemies to lovers high school romance trope. I fell in love with all of the characters and read this book in a few hours.

She Drives Me Crazy explored the range of different teenage experiences. It dealt heavily with heartbreak, which I think everyone can relate to. In the book, Scottie lost herself in her past relationship and is trying to get herself out of it. I don’t think I’ve ever read a YA book that covered this kind of topic, and I really appreciate how the author Kelly Quinden managed to write a YA book with some heavier topics you wouldn’t expect.

I’m literally in love with all the characters in the book. It has amazing friendships and really diverse characters. I loved that there was a vulnerable side to each of the characters, which made me like them even more. After I finished the book, I really wanted to read more about them. Kelly Quinden her writing style was amazing. I read this book so quickly and made me crave more. This book was such an easy and quick read.

I would suggest looking up the trigger warnings of this book before reading it.


A very quick and easy read with lovable and diverse characters. I loved the writing style. She Drives Me Crazy covered some topics which I hadn’t read before.

Product information
Written by: Kelly Quinden
Pages: 304
Publisher: Roaring Book Press
ISBN: 9781250209160
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