10 blind dates

“A feel-good book”


Sofie wants freedom from her parents. When they decide to spend the Christmas holidays somewhere else, Sofie gets really excited to have some time with her boyfriend Griffin. Griffins idea of some time together turns out to be way different and leaves Sofie with a broken heart. She decides to spend her Christmas holidays with her grandparents and their whole family. Her grandma comes up with a ‘great plan’ to forget Griffin: in the upcoming ten days each family member has to set up Sofie with a blind date. When Griffin begs Sofie for a second chance, she gets confused and has to sort her feelings.


I saw this book in the bookstore and it really spoke out to me, but other books appealed more which I bought. It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and I threw a party with all of my friends – two of them bought this book together for me!

This is a good book if you want a quick, great read. While reading this you want to find oyt what the next blind date is going to be like and what Griffin thinks of all of this. The characters in this book are kind and thoughtful which make you fall in love with the book even more. Family and friends are number 1 in this story which also makes this a great read.

The movie rights of 10 blind dates have been sold to the makers of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! I can’t wait to watch this movie – this is gonna be a great feel-good movie.


A good and fun book with great characters. This book is a quick read and while reading you can’t wait for the next blind date. I would recommend this for everyone who feels like reading a feel-good book with funny chapters and heartwarming conversations.

Product information
Written by: Ashley Elston
Pages: 269
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
ISBN: 9781368027496
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