Why do we use bookies?

We thougth it would be a fun twist to use our own kind of rating instead of the well-known stars. The star-system, however, is very useful: everyone knows what it is and how it works. That’s why we didn’t completely change our ratingsystem, only the appearance. We love books, we rate books, so why don’t we use books?

To be absolutely sure that there won’t be any kind of misunderstanding, we present all ten possible ratings below. Although we assume we won’t be using any of the bottom five anytime soon! 🙂


The so-called bookies are only an indication of our opinion, and although we try to be as objective as possible, it can occur that our preferences are part of our rate. So, just keep in mind that the bookies only show how much we enjoyed the book, and don’t show how much you might enjoy it, and you’ll be just fine. Never let a lower rate keep you from picking up a book!

Lots of booklove – Daniëlle & Robin