Odd one out

”A good book with a great message”.


Jupiter and Courtney are best friends. They are always together and tell each other almost everything. Courtney has been in love with Jupiter for years, which is inaccessible because she likes girls. When a girl named Rae steps into their two best friends life, Courtney is attracted to her. Jupiter is also into Rae. Meanwhile, Rae doesn’t know if she likes Courtney or Rae. When Jupiter threatens to lose her best friend to the girl she likes, she takes a very drastic decision that will change everything…


This book is written from the perspectives of Jupiter, Courtney and Rae. A noticeable point is that the three perspectives are not alternated, but divided into three parts. First, you read the book from Courtney’s perspective, then from Rae and you end with Jupiter. I found this idea very original. With every change of perspective, the story immediately continues where the previous one had ended.

This book starts off a bit slow, I think. When I picked up this book I had to keep pushing to read on. After that, the story started to speed up and I quickly read on.

I think this is a very meaningful book with many important points of interest and events. This book focuses on what is currently going on in society. The book shows that it’s okay to have feelings and it’s okay not to put yourself in a certain box. Nic Stone has explained this very beautifully. That’s why I think Odd one out is an important book to read.


A very good book with a good meaning. In the beginning, the story starts off a bit slow, but after that, you read the book quickly.

Product information
Written by: Nic Stone
Pages: 288
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 9781101939536
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