An Enchantment of Ravens

‘Truly enchanting!’


In this standalone high-fantasy novel, we’re thrown into a world that consists of four regions, each one named after the season every region has always lived in. Isobel, a painter living in the endless summers of Whimsy, has to be very cautious when it comes to her clients. The fair folk cannot create Craft themselves, so they turn to humans to create it for them. And Isobel was doing great: her beautiful portraits have become a phenomenon among the fair folk. Then, one day, the prince of the Autumnlands shows up at her doorstep: Rook. Isobel cannot take her eyes off him. She paints a portrait more beautiful than any painting she ever created. But she made one, unforgivable mistake: she painted Rooks enchanting eyes full of human emotion, just as she had seen. Mad with fury, Rook abducts Isobel to make her stand trial back in the Autumnlands, but they’ll never get there. A more pressing matter has surfaced, and Rook and Isobel might need each other in more ways than they’d thought.


I knew, when I began reading this book, my expectations were high. An Enchantment of Ravens is often described as the perfect read for fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses, so this had to be a success. And luckily, it really was! This book still managed to surprise me in ways I had never seen coming. But we won’t talk about that all too much before I accidentally spoil any of you.

First off, I loved the originality of the story. I was expecting a story about fae and their courts, but it was more than that. The magic system in this book does remain a bit vague, but it was original and very beautifully described. Talking about describing, this book contains a LOT of adjectives, adding to the overall magical ambience.

Now, the thing I wasn’t really fond of (and this is kind of a spoiler!), was the instalove. I get why the writer chose to do it (because it’s a standalone), and she executed it really well (because I shipped it) but I’m just not the biggest fan of instalove. But if that’s a trope you love, I’d highly recommend this book to you!


An Enchantment of Ravens really has a special place in my heart. It’s rich way of writing and enchanting scenery had me invested in this story from page one. I’d recommend this book to any fantasy lover, not only fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses. Also, if you love a cute romance, this book is certainly suitable for you!

Product information:
Written by: Margaret Rogerson
Pages: 304
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books from Simon & Schuster
ISBN: 1481497588
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