The Flatshare

‘Realistic, original and very cute!’


When Tiffy leaves her ex once again, she promises herself it’s for good this time. In need of a place to stay that is not her friend’s place, she reaches out to an ad which has been written by Leon. Leon really needs the money and has convinced his girlfriend Kay that nothing will ever happen. With Leon working nightshifts and Tiffy working her 9-5 job as a publisher, the two of them would never even meet. Still, sharing a home and a bed can be quite intimate, but Leon and Tiffy seem to work it out fine. Almost everything goes through Kay, but minor things are written on notes and are left all over the apartment. And slowly – but steady – the two of them kind of bond. But because of a wrongly imprisoned brother, an annoying ex-boyfriend and a search for a long lost lover, the lives of Tiffy and Leon get intertwined more and more each day. Which is funny, cause the two of them still haven’t actually met.


Gosh, this was such a lovely book! I realised I was really in the mood for a fluffy romance, and this book certainly delivered on that part. But the amazing thing was: it exceeded my expectations! The Flatshare really gave me all the feels. So, let me explain.

To begin with, I absolutely loved the main characters. They were both so lovely, likeable and lifelike. I did get the feeling that the writer focused more on the personality of Tiffy, but she certainly didn’t forget about Leon. A clear difference was made between the two points of view, which could be noticed by the way the story was written. Tiffy’s point of view resembled a ‘normal’ point of view, where dialogue and description are woven together. Leon’s point of view was more ‘brief’, with a focus on dialogue and short passages about Leon’s thoughts on the matter. It took some time getting used to this odd way of writing, but it kind of made sense and I really didn’t notice the oddity any longer near the end of the book.

The second thing I wanted to talk about will include spoilers, so you know what you have to do if you haven’t gotten the chance to read this book yet. I could really appreciate how modern and realistic the different plots were. For example: Richie being falsely accused of robbery, Tiffy being mentally abused, it was all there. And it really affected the main plot, just as it would in real life. So, besides being a fluffy romance, The Flatshare also integrated its share of reality into this amazing story.


I freaking love this book, and I think all of you will love it too, so I’m just gonna go ahead and recommend this one to everyone around me. But honestly, go read it if you have the chance, cause it’s original, it’s realistic, and most importantly: it’s very cute.

Product information:
Written by: Beth O’Leary
Pages: 336
Publisher: Flatiron Books
ISBN: 1250295637
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