Beauty Sleep

“A book with a lot of unexpected twists and a dark edge.”


Laura is terminally ill. Her only hope is to be frozen until she can get a cure. When she wakes up 40 years later, Laura can’t remember anything and the world around her has changed a lot. Her family probably doesn’t exist anymore and her old best friend is unreachable. The more Laura searches for her past, the more she is helped by the people and new technical developments around her. The second protagonist, Shem, is a homeless person who has turned his back to the world around him, comes into contact with Laura against his own will.



When I saw this book at the bookstore, I thought the cover was so pretty. This book is described as a crossover of Sleeping Beauty and Black Mirror. I think this is a nice and fitting description of this book.

The first few chapters were really magical and interesting. I was immediately drawn into the story by the two different perspectives and the beautiful writing style of Kathryn Evans. At the beginning of this book, you knew nothing about Laura, but as you read on you learn allot about her. At first, I didn’t understand why Shem appeared in the story, but luckily there was a link between the two perspectives in the end.

I really enjoyed Kathryn Evans’ writing style – I read the book very quickly and the story was written very well. Still, I missed the suspense everyone is talking about. It says on the book that the book is a thriller, but unfortunately, I didn’t really pick up on this. Sometimes there were some scary happenings, but I didn’t think this book was specifically a thriller.

This book had many different twists that you could not see coming at all. When I was reading the last chapters, I read them with open mouth. I didn’t expect this ending at all.


A good book with many surprising twists and a very nice writing style by Kathryn Evans. I would recommend this book if you like stories that are magical but with a dark edge to it

Product information
Written by: Kathryn Evans
Pages: 366
Publisher: Usborne UK
ISBN: 9781474954877
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