Dear Justyce

“A touching sequel.”


This sequel to ‘Dear Martin‘ is about Quan and Justyce sending each other letters. Martin studies at Yale and has a bright future ahead of him. This book is about a person of colour who may not be doing everything right but is well-intentioned. Quan is in prison when one day he receives a letter from Justyce. The boys write to each other and Quan hopes that Justyce can help him with the situation he has ended up in.



I was very curious to see how this sequel from Nic Stone could be any better than the first book. I thought that ‘Dear Martin’ was very well written, so I figured this book could only get better. I am happy to tell you that this book has exceeded my high expectations.

Nic Stone has a diverse writing style where letters are alternated with memories from the past. There was a lot of variety in this story and the discussions that occurred in Justyce’s story, also appeared in this book. You learn a different side of race inequality that Nic Stone writes about. She presents the message that young people need someone to believe in and what this can mean for someone.

Nic Stone’s books manage to engage readers with her important themes that should be discussed way more by many young people. This book certainly grabbed my attention.


A heavy story that should be read by many readers. I would definitely recommend this book to people who want to read more about racism and ethnic profiling. Also recommended for the fans of The Hate U Give.

Product information
Written by: Nic Stone
Pages: 244
Publisher: Thorndike Striving Reader
ISBN: 9781432882396
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