Dance or Die

Written by: Chinouk Thijssen

Disclaimer: This book is not available in English, but it would be great if it got translated to English – this is why we wrote this review in English too.

“A fascinating and thrilling ending”.


In the last book of the Truth or Dance series, India is in her final year at the dance academy. India and her friends Lisa, Zoë and Nikki are still being ‘harassed’ by their anonymous stalker who sends them nasty messages and forces the girls to do terrible things. This year the girls have a strong feeling that their stalker is more dangerous than ever.


Wow, Chinouk Thijssen has really outdone herself in this third book of the series. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this part and once I did, I finished it in one day.

Part two ended with multiple cliffhangers which makes you want to read on immediately. Each chapter pulls you in more and more. I’ve been dancing since I was four, and to think that something so exciting and scary could happen in ballet surroundings is truly fascinating.

In this third book, I had a notion who Truth or Dance could possibly be, but halfway through the book, I switched to somebody else. In the end, I turned out to be right (perhaps I read to many thrillers about stalkers and have I become good at guessing who it is). However, it remains unexpected until the end who the stalker is.


Another beautiful book with an unexpected ending. This part was very thrilling and really pulls you into the story. I could highly recommend this book especially if you’re into thrillers. Thijssen really outdid herself and I can’t wait to read more books by her.