“A book full of magic.”


The sisters Scarlett and Donatella live on an island together with their violent father who sets Scarlett up with an arranged marriage. The girls have dreamt their whole lives to spend a day at Caraval; a magical game with a leader named Legendary. After many years of writing letters to Legendary, the girls receive an invite to join the game for a day. When the handsome Julian arrives at the island, the three of them escape and go off to Caraval. Once they arrive at Caraval, Donatella goes missing and it becomes Scarlett’s mission to find her.



I saw this book appear everywhere online and at my bookstore, so I decided to take a chance and to just get it. I’m not an extreme fantasy-lover, but I began to doubt myself while reading this book.

Stephanie Garber’s writing style is magical. While reading this book you are sucked into the story and you can’t figure out what’s real and what’s not. Scarlett character is written very well, with her love for her sister and how you can understand how much Scarlett cares about her. In every chapter, there is another plot twist which makes this book even more interesting to read.

This book reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. Scarlett has to find her sister and she doesn’t know who she can trust.


A good book with loads of surprising elements and greatly written characters. I would recommend this book if you like fantasy, or if you just want to read a good and interesting book.

Product information
Written by: Stephanie Garber
Pages: 416
Publisher: Flatiron Books
ISBN: 1250095255
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