Wink, Poppy, Midnight

‘This book is written in a most peculiar way.’


According to Wink, every story contains the same characters. You have a hero, a villain and a liar. These rules also apply to the real world. Wink sees her recently moved boy-next-door as the hero of the story. His ex Poppy, a pretty but vicious girl, is obviously the villain. But what role remains for Wink, then? And what happens when all the tables turn after one intense evening? Suspicion and distrust fight their way into the lives of Wink and Midnight when Poppy suddenly doesn’t return after a night out in the woods.


So, if I’m being honest… I did not enjoy this book. I got it as a part of a packagedeal at BlossomBooks, where you could get three books for €15. It was not a very long book and the cover almost screamed my name. So, naturally, I decided to pick this book up first. But yeah, it clearly wasn’t for me.

So, there were a few things that – on one hand – made this book stand out from a lot of other books, but on the other hand, literally drove me crazy. Okay, first up: lay-out. There are no chapters. There’s only text divided into little pieces – each told by another main-character. This made sure the story kept a good pace, besides the fact that the story is told from three perspectives. Unfortunately, it also caused that there wasn’t any kind of closure throughout the story, making it feel like it was one long, stretched piece of text.

Secondly, the writing. If I can say so, I’m fairly welcoming toward new styles of writing. I often find myself fascinated by the impact it can have on the story. But for some reason, I just couln’t get used to the writing this book contains. It’s loaded with metaphores, has the highest concentration of bookreferences I’ve ever read and also emphasizes the weirdest things. I just kept struggling throughout the book.

Last but not least – the content. It certainly is an original story. But oh my god, it was weird! The characters remain shallow and mysterious, making the plot twists too complex. It might be a serious choice of the author – I don’t know – but it was a way to difficult concept to grasp.


I’ve given myself some time to sort out my opinion on this book. Two days later and the only thing I feel is … relief? It was, in some ways, a difficult book: neither the writing, nor the content was easy to understand. So I’m probably feeling relieved cause it’s over? I’m not sure. I wouldn’t recommend it, actually. Maybe only if you feel like you’ve outgrown easy fiction reads?

Product information:
Written by: April Genevieve Tucholke
Pages: 272
Publisher: Speak
ISBN: 0147509408
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