How to stop time

‘The concept: genius. The execution: simply amazing.’


Our main character, Tom Hazard, suffers from a rare condition, making him able to live for centuries. As someone who has travelled all over the world and met the most extraordinary people for years and years, Tom decides it is time to retreat. All Tom ever wants is ordinary life, so he moves back to London, his hometown and settles down as a plain forty-one years old history teacher. But trouble soon finds him in the form of a captivating French teacher who shows a fascination for Tom that scares him. The secret Albatross Society – who protects people like Tom – is keeping an eye on him, ’cause there’s only one rule when you live forever: don’t fall in love.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve actually read this book, but I can still recall how it felt to read a book this awesome. I was completely sucked into the story, from the very beginning. The most amazing thing about this book is its outstanding originality. I have never read a story about (almost-)immortals so beautifully intertwined with reality.

This book follows a visible pattern. Each chapter that describes Tom in his current life is followed by a memory or throwback to moments from his earlier life. This way, the reader is slowly given more and more information about Tom and his incredible past, eventually giving you the feel that you know Tom inside out.

The writing of this book is fairly simple, but not too simple if you know what I mean. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this book isn’t only extraordinary in its story, but also in the targetted audience it’s written for. Both my dad and I loved it, so it’s also an amazing book for readers who are ‘too old’ (you’re never too old) for YA-books.


‘How to stop time’ is the ultimate story to contrast ordinary life. The concept itself is genius and super original. But the execution: simply amazing. I will forever carry this story in my heart and I think you’d too. Highly recommend it to all of you!

Product information
Written by: Matt Haig
Pages: 352
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 0525522891
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