Fracture me

“Loads of questions will be answered in this book”.


Fracture me is part 2.5 of the Touching Juliette series. It continues the story from the second part Unravel me. This book is written from Adams perspective. Adam is worried about his little brother James and Juliette seems to more and more distant. Adam has no time to think about this because there is a huge attack planned on The Reestablishment. The Reestablishment is not afraid to take anyone down when it comes down to it. Adam has to make a choice; if he wants to protect James, he has to let Juliette go. Or will he do anything to get Juliette back?


This part is written from Adams perspective. After Unravel me I thought Adams character was kind of weak. Unfortunalety, this book did not help me to understand or like him more.

This book is very short, quick and an easy read, but it didn’t add allot to the other books. You’ve already experienced a big part of this book in Unravel me, except for the end.

However, Tahereh Mafi is still a great writer and manages to get you sucked into the story again. She answered a lot of questions in this book, which makes me very happy that I read this part.


A very short book that you will read very quickly. Tahereh Mafi manages to get you sucked into the story and she answers a lot of your questions. I would recommend this book if you’ve read Unravel me and you want to see how this story continues.

Product information
Written by: Tahereh Mafi
Pages: 78
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062284839
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