Daisy Jones & The Six

‘Truly a treat to have read.’


This book describes the story of the rise and downfall of The Six, a band that got popular near the end of the sixties. But besides that, this is also the story of Daisy Jones, the daughter of two pretty well-known people that didn’t really seem to notice she was around. With all the money and all the free time she had while growing up, she often ended up on the Strip, where she’d drink and party with the bands playing there. While the Dunne brothers Billy and Graham started to get a band together, Daisy was probably passed out in someone’s bed. Slowly but steady, a whole band was formed over the years. And then they finally got noticed and things went crazy. Meanwhile, Daisy finally figured out what she wanted to do: she wanted to be a singer-songwriter. And even though both groups do pretty well in the world of rock ‘n roll, it’d be absolute fireworks if they’d work together. So that’s exactly what they did.


I quite enjoyed this book, to be honest. Didn’t think it was absolutely mindblowing, but I did enjoy it better than a lot of other books. I was constantly curious about what would happen next and I read this book in absolutely no-time. This had a lot to do with the way the book was built up. It’s kind of a fictional memoir written in the form of an interview. This means that there are constantly names, followed by a colon and then the part that the person is talking about. A lot of people were warning me in advance, telling me it’s hard to get through while reading and that I should consider reading it instead. But I cannot find myself in that. I really, truly enjoyed this new and refreshing kind of storytelling that enabled so many new possibilities.

One of these possibilities was the fun and lighthearted tone of dialogue that was ever-present in this book. It was really as if the characters were right there in front of you, discussing their pasts and sneaking a few witty remarks here and there. It made the characters come alive and find their own voice and through that voice, they all became so unique. Really a treat to read.

Besides all of these positive effects, there’s also a ‘negative effect’ I’d like to discuss. There was a lot of foreshadowing in this book. There were lines that felt like weird prophecies and I thought those weren’t really necessary. I mean, I get that it fits really well in a story like this because it did really fit well, but for me, it would kind of ruin the element of surprise every time something dramatic happened. But other than that, I don’t have anything else to point out about this book.


Truly a fantastic book to read. It’s a refreshing and innovative way of storytelling really kept the story going at this great pace. And even though there was some foreshadowing that I really didn’t need, all of the other elements of this brilliant book made it water under the bridge for me. Go get your hands on it now!

Product information:
Written by: Taylor Jenkins Reid
Pages: 368
Publisher: Ballantine Books
ISBN: 1524798622
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