Call Me by Your Name

“A very well-written book.”


Oliver is an American student who decides to work in the summer of 1983 with a professor in Italy. In the house where he is staying at, he meets Elio, the professor’s 17-year-old son. Oliver and Elio spend the entire summer getting to know each other very well. They cycle through the beautiful city of Crema, talk about life and are often to be found at the pool reading a book. Their friendship flourishes into a beautiful summer love.


This book by André Aciman is written from Elio’s perspective. Elio has very strong feelings and is trying to find a way to process them. You soon develop a place in your heart for Elio.

I watched the movie first – then I fell in love with the storyline and decided to order the book right away. I am very happy that I read this book because now I understand so many scenes much better than I did before. So if you are planning to watch the movie, I definitely recommend that you read the book first.

This detailed story does have its drawbacks. The dialogues between Elio & Oliver are sometimes somewhat confusing because you forget who is saying what. You also come across some sentences in Italian. These sentences are sometimes translated in some phrases later.

And then the peach scene. I also found this scene way too detailed. After I read this, I had to put the book aside. Every time I hear the word ‘peach’, the flashbacks come back.

Another downside was that I thought the book went on for too long. From me, it could have ended after Elio & Oliver had left Rome.


A very well written book. There are sometimes some confusing dialogues, but you can read through these. If you plan on watching the movie, I recommend that you read the book first.

Product information
Written by: André Aciman
Pages: 258
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 970312426781
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