Fataal spel

Disclaimer: This book is not available in English



In this story, we follow Carmen, whose sister Jessie suddenly disappeared after a fall at the disco. The police suspect that Jessie ran away, but Carmen is convinced that someone kidnapped her. Carmen gets in contact with the kidnapper and tries to retrieve her sister. Carmen finds out that the two sisters are connected through two souls. Sometimes she knows exactly what her sister is thinking and she can even feel her pain. The kidnapper makes Carmen do various assignments. Jessie will only survive if Carmen can complete these assignments successfully. The only question is: Is Carmen is paying attention …


What a book! You are immediately sucked in the story from the first chapter. You want to know what’s happening right away, which makes you want to continue reading.

I did think that the book has a typical plot for a thriller, but Chinouk gave this story a nice twist with the connected souls of Carmen and Jessie.

This story gave me a bit of Pretty Little Liars vibes, with a stalker forcing Carmen to complete assignments through messages. I am a sucker for these kinds of books.

Chinouk wrote this book very well. After every chapter, you were on the edge of your seat.

While I was reading this story, I suspected who was behind the kidnapping and at the end. it turned out I was right. The ending really surprised me. It was the most exciting part of the whole book and I was reading it with my mouth right open. After reading the last chapter, I really wanted to know how this book would continue. So this book ends with an open end.


A very good book with a super ending which is very surprising. Chinouk has put a nice spin on the story with the connected souls of Carmen and Jessie.

Product information
Written by: Chinouk Thijssen
Pages: 197
Publisher: Clavis
ISBN: 9789044830910
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