Restore me

“A good fourth part of the series with a lot of character development”.


Restore me is the fourth part in the Touching Juliette series and begins almost immediately after the previous part, Ignite me. Juliette took over Sector 45 and became supreme commander with Warner at her side. Juliette is not certain whether the world will accept her for who she is. She’s also not sure if she can deal with all the responsibilities as a supreme commander. Juliette is being watched by several world leaders, which sometimes puts her and her friends at risk. Warner has a past that he still has to tell Juliette about. In this book, Juliette learns more about all the secrets that have been hidden from her. Secrets that can bring the world into a completely different light.


In this book, you follow the story from the perspective of Juliette and Warner. In the previous three parts, you only followed Juliette, while Warner had his own book from his perspective – Destroy Me. At the beginning of this book, I was really annoyed by Juliette and Warner. Both did not want to expose themselves to secrets that could have major consequences. As I read on, this became less and less of a problem.

After a while, I got a little bit crazy about all of the political talk. Of course, this is a very big part of the book, because Juliette has obligations as a supreme commander, but sometimes it was a bit too much. However, this information is necessary to be drawn deeper into the story.

The writing style of Tahereh Mafi hasn’t really changed in this part. When I picked up this book I wasn’t sure if this story would have the same writing style as the previous ones. I thought that the third part ended well, so I wasn’t sure Mafi would write this part differently. I was also very afraid that I wouldn’t like this part as much as the previous parts. Fortunately, I found this a very good book written by Tahereh.

In this book, I fell more and more in love with Kenji. I really liked him from the start, and this book takes you even deeper into the Kenji storyline. You will also be introduced to new characters that you quickly become attached to.


A good fourth part in the series with a lot of depth in the characters. In the beginning, the book is a bit more difficult to get through, but the further you read you are immediately enchanted by the writing style of Tahereh Mafi.

Product information
Written by: Tahereh Mafi
Pages: 352
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 9780062676368
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