Truth or Dance

Written by: Chinouk Thijssen

Disclaimer: This book is not available in English, but it would be great if it got translated to English – this is why we wrote this review in English too.

‘You just wanna keep reading’


The girls India, Lisa, Nikki & Zoë are suddenly added to a group chat: Truth or Dance. At first, they think this is part of some school activity, where they have to complete assignments to get the leading role in their ballet academy. But Truth or Dance makes the girls do extremely dangerous things. Slowly, the assignments Truth or Dare gives them are getting more and more dangerous. In no way the assignments are a school activity – lives are at stake.


A really lovely book full of tension. This book was so good I couldn’t put it away – I finished this book in a couple of hours! Chinouk Thijssen’s writing style is written very smoothly, which is a great thing if you want to read a book quickly.

You know that a book is good if you can’t put it away. This happened to me while reading Truth or Dance. Every chapter surpassed the other with unexpected events. This tension that is built up very slowly, makes this book worth all the booklove.

I have been dancing since I was four and that did give me the extra bit of excitement. The idea that something like this could happen in the dance world I know, is just fascinating.


I would definitely recommend this book if you love thrillers and drama. The books kind of reminds me of the Pretty Little Liars-series, with an anonymous stalker who forces the girls to do terrible things. So if you were into that, do not hestitate giving this book a try!