Five feet apart

Written by: Rachael Lippincott, Mikki Daughtry en Tobias Lanconis

‘I’ve cried an embarrasing amount of times over this book.’


In Saint Grace’s hospital, that she has been calling her second home since she was six, Stella suddenly meets Will. They both suffer from CF – short for Cystic Fibrosis – which means that their lungs make it more and more difficult to breath every day. At first sight, Stella doesn’t like the rebellious Will at all, but she finds herself getting used to him, eventually leading to a crush. But she can’t get near him, never closer than six feet. Especially if Stella still wants that lungtransplant. Will, on the other hand, has been all over the world, nowhere long enough to call it home, searching for a cure for CF in combination with B. cepacia. Will also thinks he won’t spend too much time in Saint Grace’s, but then he meets Stella.


A really beautiful story. I’ve read this book in English, the original language, and I do think that makes a difference. This book contained a few very poetic quotes that really overwhelmed me. It also turnt so sad every now and then that I just felt the tears coming uncontrollably. That’s why I think the writer(s) have created a true masterpiece.

The writing of this book is pretty swiftly, maintaining a nice balance between dialogue and thoughts. You know you’ve found a good book if you just keep reading, not realising that you almost fly through the chapters, which was clearly the case with this read.

Also worth mentioning: the switch between Stella and Will. Most of the time I find myself mildly irritated by these changes of view, because I, for example, just want to know how one particular character reacts to something. But this just wasn’t the case in this book. It seamlessly connected the main characters and moulded them into one, beautiful storyline.


I cannot give this book anything other than five bookies. I just really enjoyed reading it. I felt moved, touched and had to wipe away a tear very frequently. So what more is there to say? Just read the book!