Disclaimer: This book is not available in English, but it would be great if it got translated to English – this is why we wrote this review in English too.



Fara, a fifteen-year-old girl, is going to watch Marnix and Suzie on clown night. Clown night is a tradition in Westerdam of which nobody really knows it’s origin. Fara gets the children to bed and sits herself comfortably on the couch. Suzie starts to cry and tells Fara that a clown was standing next to her bed. Fara reassures her that she just imagined it and tells her to go to bed again. Fara isn’t sure if this babysitting job was really her cup of tea when suddenly the light goes off and she feels spied upon.


What a story! I never read horror stories and I wondered if I would like this book. I bought this book at YALFU and finished the book the day after. It didn’t start off too thrilling but it built op very quickly. After the first few chapters, I couldn’t put it down, even though I was curled up in a ball in anticipation. Daniëlle Bakhuis made sure you keep on reading.

This is the first book of Bakhuis that I have read, and I am certainly planning to read more. Per chapter, Daniëlle draws you into the chapter more and more. The book became more thriller per chapter. At a certain point, I almost didn’t dare read on. Reading it at night with thunder outside probably didn’t help.


A really exciting book that should really be read in one sitting. Each chapter draws you more and more into the story. A definite must for Daniëlle Bakhuis fans and people who like horror stories.

Product information
Written by: Daniëlle Bakhuis
Pages: 136
Publisher: Van Goor
ISBN: 9789000370375 
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