‘Such a lovable main-character. I love Cath!’


When Cath and her twinsister Wren go to the University of Nebraska to study, Cath has a lot of things to process. Because they used to do everything together, it comes as a big surprise to hear that Gwen doesn’t want Cath to be her roommate. This is how Cath ends up with the moody Reagan. Reagans best friend Levi frequenty visits their dorm, resulting in another new friendship. Meanwhile Cath is also following an extra class ‘Fiction-Writing’, where she meets the friendly Nick. And to make her life even more complex, Cath is also trying to finish her fanfiction ‘Carry On, Simon’ which is inspired by her favourite characters Simon Snow and Baz.


What an amazing book. And what an amazing characters. When I first picked up this book, I knew there were loads of positive reviews about it. But somehow I didn’t believe it. I genuinly didn’t think this was going to be my thing. But I was wrong, obviously.

Let’s discuss the main-character first. Cath starts off as a shy girl who doesn’t know how to cope with all the changes around her. She reads a lot, is not very out-going and favours her free time spent behind a laptop. So, a not so very common figure. But Rainbow Rowell describes her so well that there is nothing else to do than love Cath. I recognised myself in every aspect of her personality and felt a very strong connection to her.

And although there are no major events happening, Rainbow Rowell knows how to keep things interesting by focussing on the characters. This is called – I think – a ‘character-driven’ story. This may sound boring, but it is not! You’ll only love the characters more and feel like you’re more invested in their story.


A very beautiful story with relatable characters. Every self-respecting booklover should read this book, which is why I’ll recommend it to everyone and everything. This book deserves all the bookies!

Product information:
Written by: Rainbow Rowell
Pages: 480
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 9789000342440
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