The Fates Divide

‘A beautiful conclusion for a beautiful story.’


In the second book of the Carve The Mark duology, we start where we left off in the last book: on a spaceship. Akos, Cyra, Isae but also Ryzek are on their way to Ogra, a planet where the current is stronger than on any of the other planets. There, Cyra finds out her tyrannic father is still alive and breating, and is now taking over Shotet. Moreover, he is still trying to reign the whole planet, and he’s not afraid to get into war to get what he wants. Cyra and Akos must try to do the best they can to stop him. But the reveal of a groundshaking secret is slowly parting the two, right when they need eachother the most.


To be honest, I was not over the moon reading Carve the Mark, but The Fates Divide has made a lot of things better for me. I noticed that I enjoyed reading this book over reading the first book, just because there were more things going on, which gave the pace of this story a pleasant boost.

I often find myself a bit bored in the middle of a book. It’s just such a let-down when nothing seems to happen for a while. But this book didn’t have any of that. It contained a huge plot-twist that I definitely hadn’t expected. I immediately felt the urge to read how it continued.

Now, let’s discuss characters. I saw some changes – for the better. Especially Akos’ personality was very intriguing to read about, a feeling I kind of missed in the first book. The Fates Divide also makes room for two new perspectives, which resulted in a well-developed storyline. It was also so cool to read how decicions were made by one person that affected another. Really interesting!


A beautiful follow-up for Carve the Mark, that – if you ask me honestly – kind of exceeded the first book. So, if you’ve read Carve the Mark but you are unsure if you want to continue reading, I’d recommend you to read it for a nice conclusion.

Product information:
Written by: Veronica Roth
Pages: 464
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
ISBN: 0062426958
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