The Hazelwood

“A mysterious book”.


Seventeen-year-old Alice has spent her whole life travelling with her mother. When her grandmother, the author of a book full of dark fairy tales, dies on her Hazelwood estate and her mother is taken hostage by the Hinterland, Alice has to find her mother. She decides to look for her mother with a boy named Ellery Finch – a super Hinterland fan. Together they try to find the Hazelwood and they come across all kinds of weird situations and events, that all have to do with Alice’s grandmother’s dark fairy tales.



I have seen people read this book in the past two years and decided that it should be time for me read this book. Unfortunately, I could not find this book anywhere. I decided to participate in a giveaway from @obsessive_bibliomaniac on Instagram, and I won!

I started reading this book and thought that it was just gonna be another fairytale story, but I was wrong. This book was the opposite: it was a dark story with loads of unexpected events. I did not expect this at all. All the fairy tales from the book were very dark and mysterious. This is what kept you on reading because you really wanted to find out how this book would end and whether you could unravel all the dark fairy tales.

Melissa Alberts writing style is quick and smooth, but sometimes I struggled to get through this book. I read this book in English (maybe that’s why), but I didn’t get through this book quickly. Albert did, however, succeed in writing this book very mysteriously.


A mysterious book with loads of unexpected events. I would definitely recommend this if you like fantasy books, or if you just want a good read.

Product information
Written by: Melissa Albert
Pages: 355
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 9780141388663
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