The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue

Meet Addie. Invisible Addie. Addie, the girl who made a deal with the devil to escape a life she never viewed as her own. Ever since she was little, Addie wanted to wander the world, the WHOLE world. But there wasn’t any time, and there weren’t any possibilities. Until that one night, when she prayed, desperately, for someone to save her. And then he appeared, maybe the night itself, wearing a perfect face. The stranger promises Addie everything she ever wanted and Addie eagerly agrees. He may take her soul once …

Beauty Sleep

Laura is terminally ill. Her only hope is to be frozen until she can get a cure. When she wakes up 40 years later, Laura can’t remember anything and the world around her has changed a lot. Her family probably doesn’t exist anymore and her old best friend is unreachable. The more Laura searches for her past, the more she is helped by the people and new technical developments around her.

How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories

We return, once again, to the enchanting world of Elfhame, but this time Cardan gets to lead the way. We finally learn how Cardan perceives the world around him, and more importantly, we learn how he perceives himself. Through eleven enchanting stories, we get to know him as a little boy and see him and his demeanor towards his surroundings change throughout the years …

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life

The Inexplicable Logic of My Life is about the 17-year-old boy Salvador, ‘Sal’ or ‘Sally’ to his friends. His mother died when he was only three years old, after which he was adopted by Vincent who used to be friends with his mother. At one point, Salvador notices that his personality is changing. He gets angry very quickly and beats up his classmates. Salvador wonders why this is happening and he thinks more and more about his two fathers and his life. What aspects of his life have been influenced by his adoptive father and what with his biological father?

The Switch

After the untimely death of her sister Clara, Leena has dedicated her whole life to her job. For over a year now, Leena has not had a single day off, afraid of the thoughts and memories that would undoubtedly circle back to her to haunt her. But as everyone expected, Leena slowly starts to suffer from this decision. After messing up an important task, her boss forbids Leena to re-enter her workspace for two whole months. Not wanting to go to her mom, Leena ends up with her grandma Eileen in rural Yorkshire. Both stuck in their current situation …

Shadow & Bone

Alina Starkov is an orphan who grew up together with her best friend Mal. This story takes place in Ravka, which is divided by great darkness and volcras, some sort of monsters, that split the land in two. The Grisha are people with certain powers, such as the power of fire. They are created and are taught their powers. The Grisha are led by the Darkling. When Alina stands in front of the Shadow Fold and sees her best friend Mal being attacked by the deadly volcra, a power arises in Alina that she never knew she had. She is sent to the kingdom with the other Grisha and comes into contact with the Darkling.

Shiny Broken Pieces

The lives of June, Bette and Gigi revolve around their training at a ballet school in Manhattan, where only the very best dancers are admitted. In their last year of the school, the girls compete for a place in the biggest ballet company in New York. The stakes are very high and the girls have a lot to lose. June, Bette and Gigi will have to make difficult choices. This year the bar is set higher than ever, especially between the girls and their unsolved problems. A lot of nasty pranks are being played which can cause the downfall of the girls and their school.