Shadow & Bone

Alina Starkov is an orphan who grew up together with her best friend Mal. This story takes place in Ravka, which is divided by great darkness and volcras, some sort of monsters, that split the land in two. The Grisha are people with certain powers, such as the power of fire. They are created and are taught their powers. The Grisha are led by the Darkling. When Alina stands in front of the Shadow Fold and sees her best friend Mal being attacked by the deadly volcra, a power arises in Alina that she never knew she had. She is sent to the kingdom with the other Grisha and comes into contact with the Darkling.

Shiny Broken Pieces

The lives of June, Bette and Gigi revolve around their training at a ballet school in Manhattan, where only the very best dancers are admitted. In their last year of the school, the girls compete for a place in the biggest ballet company in New York. The stakes are very high and the girls have a lot to lose. June, Bette and Gigi will have to make difficult choices. This year the bar is set higher than ever, especially between the girls and their unsolved problems. A lot of nasty pranks are being played which can cause the downfall of the girls and their school.

Red, White & Royal blue

This rom-com is about Alex, the son of the US President, and Henry, the handsome British prince. When Alex’s mother was re-elected as president, Alex is immediately considered as royalty; he’s handsome and intelligent too. When he goes to the UK to attend a wedding, he accidentally ends up on top of a big cake with Prince Henry. The media loves this scandal and starts spreading gossip. To try and restore the damage, Alex and Henry must pretend they’ve been friends for years. Both guys are not very happy with this plan and are determined to not even pay attention to each other. Alex is not impressed with Henry, but then he gets to know a whole different side of him…

Imagine me

In the last part of the Touching-Juliette series, Juliette has to find out who she really is. She struggles with her past and her future that is more uncertain than ever. The lines blur between good and bad – just like Juliette and Ella’s. Juliette encounters old enemies, leaving Juliette unable to decide her own fate. Meanwhile, riots ensue and Warner, Kenji & Nazeera must fight the riots. Then there is Juliette, who has to choose which front to fight on and who also has to save her sister.


16-year-old Clemens prefers to be on his own. He often sits in his room and even detonates a bomb in his own house. His father Ernst sees this as an experiment that got out of hand, but Clemens’ mother Mildred is very concerned. Lenthe, Clemens’ twin sister, get caught into clubbing and gets into a relationship with a man who is twelve years older. Not long after that, Lenthe feels like someone is chasing her and she receives anonymous notes. Then a girl disappears and all of the tracks lead back to Clemens…

Little White Lies

Sawyer Taft has never known any other family member besides her mom. So she did not expect her estranged grandmother to show up at her apartment door, offering to pay her college fees in exchange for Sawyer to participate in debutante season. And she definitely never imagined she would accept. But being amidst her grandmother’s “society” might mean discovering the answer to the biggest mystery of her life: her father’s identity …