The Queen of Nothing

Jude is back in the mortal world, licking her wounds from her last interaction with Cardan. With the High Queen of Elfhame in exile, chaos should rule. But no one even knows that there is a mortal Queen of Elfhame. So Jude moves in with Vivi and Oak, taking up a job and working to pay the rent. Jude’s heart is broken so she does what she’d always do: make a plan …

Ignite me

Ignite me is the third book in the Touching Juliette-series. This book continues after Unravel me and Fracture me. After these books, it kind of seemed like the story ended. Omega Point has been bombed and Juliette has no idea if her friends are even alive. Juliette has fallen into the hands of the Reestablishment again, this is why Adam and her friends don’t know if Juliette is still alive. The war is definitely not over yet and help is coming from an unexpected corner: Warner decides that he wants to help Juliette and her friends.

How to stop time

Our main character, Tom Hazard, suffers from a rare condition, making him able to live for centuries. As someone who has travelled all over the world and met the most extraordinary people for years and years, Tom decides it is time to retreat. All Tom ever wants is ordinary life, so he moves back to London, his hometown and settles down as a plain forty-one years old history teacher. But trouble soon finds him in the form of a captivating French teacher who shows a fascination for Tom that scares him.

Fracture me

Fracture me is part 2.5 of the Touching Juliette series. It continues the story from the second part Unravel me. This book is written from Adams perspective. Adam is worried about his little brother James and Juliette seems to more and more distant. Adam has no time to think about this because there is a huge attack planned on The Reestablishment. The Reestablishment is not afraid to take anyone down when it comes down to it.

The Hazelwood

Seventeen-year-old Alice has spent her whole life travelling with her mother. When her grandmother, the author of a book full of dark fairy tales, dies on her Hazelwood estate and her mother is taken hostage by the Hinterland, Alice has to find her mother.


The sisters Scarlett and Donatella live on an island together with their violent father who sets Scarlett up with an arranged marriage. The girls have dreamt their whole lives to spend a day at Caraval; a magical game with a leader named Legendary. After many years of writing letters to Legendary, the girls receive an invite to join the game for a day.