Tweet Cute

‘As promised: cheesy and cute!’


This story revolves around Jack and Pepper, two teens assigned to run their family’s businesses Twitter accounts. Pepper’s family owns the large chain restaurant Big League Burger and Jack’s family is known for their small deli in New York: Girl Cheesing. After BLB introduces a new burger on their menu, Jack is certain it’s a ripoff from their own speciality. He tweets something snarky about it on Twitter, not knowing that BLB was going to fire back. Jack and Pepper soon find themselves intertwined in a true Twitter war, without knowing the person on the other side. To make things even more complicated, Jack and Pepper go to the same school, train in the same pool (if not for different teams), and talk to each other every day on a mysterious app called Weazel, designed and launched by Jack. How long will their anonymity last, and how long do they even want it to last?


I’m going to be honest here: I liked this book very much. It was just the right book at the right time for me, which kind of influenced my opinion on the book itself. I’m going to try and keep this review as spoiler-free as possible, but I might not manage it thoroughly.

As you might expect, this book revolves around a Twitter war. This means a lot of witty remarks are made throughout the book, and sarcasm is certainly present. It’s one of the reasons why I loved the book, I think. The pace of the story was also nice: I lost myself in the story more than usual. I was invested, entertained and moved. What I did notice while reading, was the absence of environmental descriptions. I had to make up a lot of it myself, which didn’t really bother me. I just noticed.

So, finishing this book, I felt content. I was thinking: five bookies for sure! But then I started thinking and processing what I actually read. And I’m not going to lie: a lot of the characters were a bit weak in my opinion. I wanted Pepper to finally find the courage to push back near the end of the story, but my hopes remained unanswered. A few side-characters could’ve also used a bit more personality. But then I realised that this novel isn’t really a character-driven story.


Despite the minor things I remarked, I still love this book a lot. I would recommend it to anyone in need of a lighthearted romance, containing a lot of witty remarks, pop culture references and a fair amount of mouth-watering burgers. This book will deliver what it promises you to be: cheesy and cute!

Product information
Written by: Emma Lord
Pages: 368
Publisher: Wednesday Books
ISBN: 1250237327
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