“A magical second part in the Caraval-series”.


Legendary is the second part of the Caraval series. The book begins where the first part ended with Donatella waking up after Caraval’s closing party. In this part, you follow Donatella and find out that Donatella has made a deal with someone she doesn’t know to be able to participate in Caraval. Now she has to pay for this with information that Donatella can only get if she wins Caraval. The thing Donatella really wants is to find her mother, who disappeared many years ago. In order to achieve this, she must find out the identity of Legend. This is certainly not without dangers. In the new performance of Caraval, everything is real. In addition, winning Caraval can mean the end of Legend.


To be honest, I postponed this book for half a year. Because the first part was so magically and I liked it so much, I doubted whether I would like the second part just as much. I had also become very attached to Scarlett and was not really that keen on Donatella’s and I figured I wasn’t gonna like the book from her perspective. In spite of that, in this part, I looked at Donatella with a different perspective – I found her much more attractive as a person and I found her just about more interesting than Scarlett. I also became very quickly attached to Dante, who I didn’t really like at all in the first part.

When I started reading Legendary, I was kinda scared that the storyline and the game itself were gonna be very similar. The game itself was different from the first part – this time everything was real instead of magic. Still, I was kind of sad that in both parts there was a ‘husband’ with a character attached to it.

Stephanie Garber has proved herself again in this part. I thought this book was great. The magical style that was there in the first part was also in this book. I can’t wait to read the last part of Finale.


Another magical book by Stephanie Garber. A very good second part of the series in Donatella’s perspective. I would definitely recommend you read the first part, otherwise, you won’t recognize some things.

Product information
Written by: Stephanie Garber
Pages: 368
Publisher: Flatiron Books
ISBN: 9781427293398
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