What red was

Written by: Rosie Price

‘Intriguing story about living with a trauma.’


This story begins with a first interaction between Kate, a silent girl with a single mother, and Max, a popular and social boy with connections to a well-known person. A patonic, somewhat weird friendship is born. Years go by, and the friendship between Kate and Max only grows stronger. But at a graduationparty at Max’ place, Kate becomes the victim of a brutal raping accident. Not knowing how to process this, Kate flees home. She stays silent for quite some time, afraid of the consequenses if she’d open her mouth. She does drop hints all the time, hoping that someone will notice. But what if no one notices, and Kate never speaks up? Will she ever go back to how things were?


I don’t know exactly what it was, but something about this book made me feel really drawn to it. The book covers a lot of difficult topics that appear in more books (sexual assault, disfunctional families, addiction, alcoholism and selfharm), but I’ve never read a book that described the physical sides and consequenses of these topics so well.

Without making it a really heavy book, Rosie Price touches on all of the topics. The mental growth of some characters is beautifully described. For example, you notice that Kates behaviour changes over time, and with her, the people surrounding her change too. This doesn’t mean that characteristics were completely forgotten – on the contrary: the backstory of the characters are taken into account perfectly.

What bothered me though, was the lenght of the story, which I considered too long. I understand that healing and processing takes time, but some scenes just felt a little bit too much as filling only.


This book deals with a lot of psycological topics in a unique way, without making it feel too heavy. A recommended book for everyone who holds an interest for the mental side of traumatic experiences. Well written and well described story.