Far from the tree

‘I had very high expectations, and let me tell you: I was not dissapointed!’


In this book we first meet Grace, a girl that doesn’t really seem to know how to pick up her normal life again after a teen-pregnancy. Being adopted herself, it is hard for her to let her own daughter go. This is why she decides it is time for her to meet her biological family, because Grace just found out she also has a brother and sister: Maya has known she’s adopted her whole life. Her adoptive parents got pregnant short after Maya, which resulted in a lot of insecurity for Maya. Joaquin has never been adopted and spent around sixteen years hopping from fosterfamily to fosterfamily. When these three children of the mysterious Melissa Taylor finally meet, they need some time to warm up to eachother. After all, they are not sure how much they can – and want to – confide in eachother.


Frankly, I thought this was a really good book! It turned out to be able to surprise me in more ways than I would’ve expected. The story is told from three perspectives, always in the same order: Grace, Maya, Joaquin. The positive effect of this was that the characters were deepened and given a richer history. This makes you as a reader more attached to the characters – which was very pleasant in this book.

A minor downside for me was the writing style. Long scentences made me reread a lot of pages, which decreased my reading pace, and also making me less invested near the end of the story, where it’s important to do so to feel moved.

But the stuff I said about long scentences is in fact the only thing I can remark about this beautiful book. Robin Benway has made up for that minor inconveniance with her astonishing originality. All of the subjects passing by in the story were well discussed and made the book the must-read – I think – it is.


The sometimes confusing style of writing made it impossible to give this book the 5 bookies it definitely deserves. It won’t be painless: this book fought its way into my heart and is not going to leave. I’d recommend this book to everyone searching for something new.

Product information:
Written by: Robin Benway
Pages: 400
Publisher: Harper Teen
ISBN: 0062330632
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