Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

‘Believe me, it will become an obsession.’


In this book, we follow a crew of the deadliest and cunning outcasts of Ketterdam working together to fulfil a mission that would make them richer than they’d ever dared to dream of. Kaz Brekker, also known as Dirtyhands is given the chance to pull off the toughest heist ever: he has to break into the highly secured Ice Court and get a prisoner out of its jail. Kaz realises this isn’t just some mission. And so he won’t just assemble a crew. Firstly, we have Inez, a teen with the outstanding talent of climbing walls and vanishing in shadows. Then we have Jesper, a sharpshooter who has a weakness for gambling. Nina, a Grisha with the power of a Heartrender, but with a complicated past with Matthias, a convict with incredible strength. And lastly, we have Wylan, a merchant’s son who ran away from home. Will this peculiar crew manage to sneak in and out of the highly secured Ice Court, the place Matthias originated from and would do anything to get back there? And what has this new drug jurda parem to do with all of this?


A lot of people already know that this series is absolutely amazing! Though I’m not going to talk about the summary of Crooked Kingdom (because it’ll contain spoilers about the ending of book one), I am going to base my review on both books. So let’s talk business.

I could really sense that the Six of Crows duology is a very character-driven story. You can expect excellent character development, animated dialogues and a lot of plot twists having to do with someone’s personality. The crew is very diverse in a way that all the characters stand on their own (what I’m trying to say here is that you won’t look back trying to figure out whether there were two girls or only one because they were so alike- cause that’s NOT the case here!). Very strong characters and very thought through backstories. Believe me when I say you’ll get emotionally attached to ALL characters, to a point that it’ll basically become an obsession.

Now the minor detail I wanted to point out was that the first half of Six of Crows was a bit tiresome. Looking back now, all the action and all the plot twists that follow kind of makeup for the struggle I went through in the beginning. There was just not a lot going on that really grasped my attention, I guess. But I’m very happy I pushed through cause it was so worth it!


If you’re still considering if it’s worth reading the books, then please do! This duology is set in the same Grishaverse as Leigh Bardugo’s other two series (which you can all find on her website), but you don’t have to read the other series first. At least, I didn’t and it didn’t bother me. This duology is really a one-of-a-kind within the fantasy genre. A book with amazing characters and an incredible world. I would give Six of Crows like 4,5 bookies and Crooked Kingdom 5 cause that book was just flawless, resulting in 4,75 (??) bookies for the duology. That’s why I’ll round it to a 4,5.

Product information:
Written by: Leigh Bardugo
– Six of Crows = 496
– Crooked Kingdom = 576
Publisher: Henry Holt
– Six of Crows = 9781250076960
– Crooked Kingdom = 1250076978
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