Shatter me

Juliette’s touch is lethal. She has been locked up all alone in the Reestablishment for almost a year until she meets Adam, her new cellmate. He talked about how the world around them is slowly dying and what the Reestablishment is planning. The Reestablishment wants to use Juliette as a weapon against humanity.

Break a leg

In the second book of the Truth or Dance series Nikki, Zoë, Lisa & India live together. They started their further education in dance really relaxed. In the summer holidays their anonymous stalker “Truth or Dance” never messaged them. The stalker used to send them unpleasant messages and forced the girls to make them do horrible things.

Far from the tree

In this book we first meet Grace, a girl that doesn’t really seem to know how to pick up her normal life again after a teen-pregnancy. Being adopted herself, it is hard for her to let her own daughter go. This is why she decides it is time for her to meet her biological family …